Core Values

Our North Star describes the core principles that we embody as part of our relentless pursuit in building long-term customer relationships. Our customers generate the real value of our company and we will treat every customer relationship with the following mindset:


  • Share access to our resources, knowledge and network of business partners
  • Provide information from independent sources on all raw materials and delivered goods
  • Ensure line of sight through our entire delivery of services


  • Perform and deliver as committed
  • Demonstrate professionalism in everything we do
  • Deliver tailored attention to every customer


  • Challenge conventional wisdom with unconventional thinking
  • Demonstrate insatiable curiosity
  • Focus on customer experience over service


  • Take the time to learn about our customers’ goals, passion and interests
  • Hold ourselves accountable for our actions
  • Communicate through listening and understand with empathy


  • Invest and support what matters to our customers
  • Celebrate the success of our customers
  • Give full attention to the present moment