Our Mission

Elysian OilWorx will make a meaningful and sustainable impact on self-care and wellness by offering leading industry HEMP Processing services.

Our tolling Services


We convert hemp-derived extracts (e.g., crude oil) into a refined full or broad spectrum oil with a targeted cannabinoid potency 80%-90%.


We separate a targeted cannabinoid from other cannabinoids producing a crystallized powder product with 97% - 99% purity.


We apply a solvent-less technique that converts THC into CBN with little to no impact on total cannabinoid levels.


We apply ultrasound technology to disperse oil molecules into sub-micron (nano) particles that improves the effectiveness of cannabinoid absorption.

Cannabinoid Guide
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Distillation is What We Do Best


We process winterized and decarboxylated full or broad spectrum crude oil as input material.

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Wipers spin creating a “film” around the heated surface and a cooling coil condenses it back into liquid.

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Under optimal heat exposure and pressure, impurities are removed and THC remediated, as needed, producing 80+% – 90+% cannabidiol distillate. 

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Advantages of Specialization

The distillation process removes all impurities (e.g., chlorophyll, waxes, solvents, pesticides) that results in a concentrated, potent and pure cannabinoid distillate.  The most prevalent cannabinoid distillate is CBD, but any cannabinoid from hemp can be made into distillate (e.g., CBG, CBC, CBN, Delta 8 THC).*  

Distillate is the foundational ingredient in popular cannabinoid-infused products such as topicals and beauty products, vaping, and edibles.

* Scientists have identified over 127 [phyto]cannabinoids in hemp plants, currently.

On-Demand Processing at a Fixed Cost

On-demand distillation is generally referred as “toll processing” which can be compared to Uber.  A customer can “lock in” a fixed cost by hiring a vehicle for transportation from point A to point B.  

In toll processing, the client contracts with a hemp extraction company who has the proper equipment, technical staff, manufacturing process, quality controls, and certifications for a fixed fee referred as the “toll”.   By paying a fixed fee ($/gram), the client gains access to manufacturing capabilities without the incurring the significant capital investment in equipment, facility, employees and expertise.  

Our tolling clients can receive products that meet their exact specifications, gain access to markets and launch new product lines faster and more economical than it would take to start from scratch.

Cost-Sharing Distillation

A lower cost alternative to tolling is “split tolling”.  Split tolling allows clients to pay a reduced toll fee or nothing based on the percentage of the product the client wishes to receive.  For example, if the client wishes to receive 50% of the distillate produced, the toll fee could be discounted by 50%.  

Split tolling arrangements can be tailored to your budget needs with a “free” tolling option such as a 70:30 split (i.e., Elysian OilWorx receives 70% and the client receives 30%).  Split tolling becomes a desirable option for companies looking to limit their inventory risk. 

Try our tolling calculator to see the potential opportunities tolling and split tolling can offer!